Level 3: 2-a-Day

You push your body HARD.  You're at the gym daily, or more - you are an elite athlete or striving to be.  You may often find yourself in Cross-Fit competitions or in an on stage bodybuilding competition.

The 2-a-Day system is the top of the line supplement system from Powr'd Up - or we believe, anywhere.  If you've been seeking a premium supplement system, look no further than the 2-a-Day system.

We let the ingredients and quality of this 4-supplement system speak for themselves.

Gear'd Up: a Pre-Workout with caffeine, creopure creatine, and branch chains to get you ready

Designed to be taken 15-20 minutes before training, Gear'd Up hits you with:

  • 300mg of caffeine without the additives and sugar of soda or doctored-up coffee
  • 6g of BCAA's help repair your muscle energy during exercise.
  • 5g of creapure creatine - the gold standard in creatine supplements, and the only creatine who's efficacy has been patented.
  • Beta Alanine and Taurine, which you're about to burn off heavily during your training.  These powerful antioxidants help reduce free radicals and keep you at peak efficiency.
  • Tyrosine - helps maintain your focus during your extra-grueling workout.
  • And agmatine and other ingredients to help increase bloodflow.

Sustain'd: an Intra-Workout with a high dose of aminos to keep you going

Branch Chains and a whole lot more - 6g more.  2.5g Citrulline malate, 1.5g beta alanine help to increase blood flow to muscles and reduce fatigue.  L-carnitine excites your androgen receptors and tells your body to start repair.  Drink this while you're training to reduce fatigue, stress, and kickstart the repair process even before your last set.

Respawn'd: a Post-Workout with protein, cyclodextrin, creatine, and more BCAA's to kick off the repair process

The ingredients in Respawn'd speak for themselves.  It's the most effective post-workout we make, and we believe, the most effective and highest quality one on the market today.

  • 24g 90% whey isolate + 8g whey concentrate = 32g protein
  • 25g highly branched cyclic dextrin - an energy-boosting sugar that acts like a complex carbohydrate.  Provides a prominent insulin response that helps your body repair much faster, by shuttling nutrients to sites that need repair.  This sustains you until the slower-digesting proteins can break down and get where they need to be.
  • 6g BCAAs
  • 5g Glutamine
  • 5g Creapure Creatine
  • 3g Leucine, the only amino acid that stimulates MTOR - the beginning of muscle-protein synthesis.  MTOR opens the door for your body to repair damage and build more muscle tissue.
  • Betaine - a very heavy antioxidant.
  • 2g HMB - a precursor to lucine, which helps enhance muscle recovery
  • 2g Taurine - replenishes what your body burns during exercise

Isolat'd: Our highest quality protein isolate

Isolat'd is a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb supplement designed to add more protein to your diet whenever you need it.  Isolat'd can be taken anytime - but can also add a recovery boost post-training.

We take Concentrat'd, our 80% pure whey concentrate, and add an addition filtration process to reach 90% purity - a whey isolate.  This additional filtration helps separate the proteins from the peptides and lactose left behind from the concentrating process.  What's left is a short protein chain that's digested very quickly.