Level 2: Daily Grind

You hit the gym 3-5 days a week - and you really push yourself.  Sometimes - even though you wouldn't admit it - you feel that fatigue and soreness.  And sometimes you may even need a little extra kick to get you to the gym.

Enter the Daily Grind system.  You've been taking a protein supplement, but wondering if more could help.  The Daily Grind takes the high quality protein and recovery products in the Weekend Warrior system, and adds an amazing energy kick pre-workout supplement to the mix.

The Daily Grind system is best for you if you've taken supplements before, have a consistent workout routine, and need that pre-workout kick to help you operate at your best, every time you step into the gym or hit the streets.  This systems consists of three products: an awesome pre-workout mix, a quality whey protein, and an amino acid-focused supplement to enhance your recovery.

Amp'd Up: High-Energy, No-nonsense Pre-Workout

Amp'd Up gives you a big push with 300mg of caffeine per serving - without any of the extra additives that soda and your doctored-up coffee give you.  L-citrulline, Beta-alanine, and betaine prime your muscles to deposit nutrients where they need to be for an awesome workout, and reduce fatigue while you're working out.  Take Amp'd Up 15-20 minutes prior to training.

Concentrat'd: 80% Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

80% Pure means that 80% of this protein powder is pure protein - we test both pre- and post-production to make sure this is true.  Concentrat'd is also rich in glutamine and other essential amino acids, which are critical for your body to build muscle and repair normal functions.  Concentrat'd can be taken any time to add protein to your diet, or in addition to your normal post-workout routine.

Restor'd: Enhance Your Recovery

Restor'd provides short-chain fermented branch-chain amino acids - a very scientific way of saying it puts your recovery on the fast track.  These aminos - glutamine, taurine, and others - are the ones that get depleted most quickly in your workouts.  Restor'd replenishes them, bringing extra blood flow to the areas of your body that need it most.

Restor'd can be taken during or after your workout.  We recommend using it during your workout to prime your body for faster recovery after.