Level 1: Weekend Warrior

New to supplements?  Looking to get that extra boost to power you through your workout, and help you recover quickly?  Powr'd Up's Weekend Warrior system helps your body repair, recover, and build muscle with high-quality protein and essential branch-chain amino acids it needs to operate efficiently and repair the damage that your workout routine inflicts.

The Weekend Warrior package is best for you if you're new to supplements, or looking for protein and recovery supplements that far exceed mainstream products.  This package consists of two products: a quality whey protein, and an amino acid-focused supplement to enhance your recovery.

Concentrat'd: 80% Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

80% Pure means that 80% of this protein powder is pure protein - we test both pre- and post-production to make sure this is true.  Concentrat'd is also rich in glutamine and other essential amino acids, which are critical for your body to build muscle and repair normal functions.  Concentrat'd can be taken any time to add protein to your diet, or in addition to your normal post-workout routine.

Restor'd: Enhance Your Recovery

Restor'd provides short-chain fermented branch-chain amino acids - a very scientific way of saying it puts your recovery on the fast track.  These aminos - glutamine, taurine, and others - are the ones that get depleted most quickly in your workouts.  Restor'd replenishes them, bringing extra blood flow to the areas of your body that need it most.

Restor'd can be taken during or after your workout.  We recommend using it during your workout to prime your body for faster recovery after.