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100% True-to-Label, Lab-Tested, Scientifically-Dosed Nutrition for the serious athlete like you.

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Proud to be based in St. Louis, Missouri, Powr’d Up Nutrition represents a fresh approach to supplements.  We are a collective of bodybuilders, strongmen competitors, and unique individuals from all walks of life that want the same thing when it comes to our dietary supplements: Integrity, Potency, and above all, Results.

We HATE spending our hard-earned money on watered-down products, and anything less than 100% effective.  We work too hard to not maximize our results at all times.

Products that were hyped up as the best of the best, but could do little to provide proof of why they made such claims.  Not at Powr'd Up.

Powr'd Up was created to fill just this void in the supplement market:  supplements that are 100% true-to-label, scientifically dosed, no bulls**t, and effective!  

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Put simply, we make products that WORK!  What does this mean?

  • 100% True-to-Label: All of our products are mixed by hand and lab-tested to ensure quality and accuracy every time.
  • Scientifically Dosed: Our product recipes are created based on science, not profit - to give your body just what it needs, and only what it needs to prep, endure, and restore to be ready for your next workout and competition.
  • No Bullsh*t:  All of our products are made from prime ingredients, sourced from premier labs, many of which are right here in the U.S.A.  The ingredients we purchase are kept under strict control and quarantine while we verify their purity.
  • Effective: Because our products are dosed based on science, you'll notice the results.  We've created a full line of different products to suit the needs of any type of athlete.  If you have questions about what's right for you - just Contact Us and we'll get you sorted!

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In short, when you are buying from us, you’re buying results!  

On top of all that, we also offer fast shipping or free local pickup at our gyms in St. Charles and South St. Louis City.